Teleah & Sam’s Colourful Upper Hunter Wedding | You Do You

Teleah and Sam found a picture-perfect location to become Mr & Mrs, beside a babbling stream and under a magnificent giant gum on the property of Dungog Weddings, Underbank, in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW. 

The colour palette ALL the colours. 

The brief bold, wild, rustic, colourful country romance with a twist.

The goods bouquets, buttonholes, flower collar for Boof the dog, bud vases and an arbour of fragrant hanging flowers on the foot bridge over the stream. The giant gum was the only feature needed for the ceremony.

The weather didn’t play nicely.

As we drove to the Upper Hunter with a fully loaded van on Saturday, May 21st, the sky looked ominous but a beautiful shade of navy. We delivered the bouquets to the bride who stayed at the art deco bombshell that is The Royal Hotel Dungog. They called it. We were going to proceed with the original plan to hold the ceremony under the tree. On arrival at Dungog Weddings, we were greeted by their super helpful team, set up our time lapse, and got to work creating a masterpiece of fragrant hanging flowers down by the running stream. An hour in, the heavens opened. We kept working, but 25 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to commence, a gallant knight came to rescue us in a ute, with the welcome news that the ceremony would now be held in the reception shed. It’s unbelievable what can be achieved in 20 minutes, adrenaline pumping through your veins, with the number of well-dressed onlookers (guests) increasing by the second. We MacGyvered up some rope, hung the arbour flowers, pulled some logs out of the fire pit, zip tied them together, added a chicken wire nest on top to create a weighted structure to support flowers and whipped up two grounded ceremony features to sit either side of the hanging flowers. Did I tell you that we looked like drowned rats? During the fun-filled and very colourful ceremony, we placed the bud vases on barrels which chanting in our heads ‘don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious’. The weather of course, could not dampen the bright spirits of Sam and Teleah, who chose to dance in the rain even though their day didn’t quite go to plan.

The Dream Team