Meet Emily.


When I was a little girl, I dreamt of having a flower shop. This dream began when my parents bought a ‘fixer upper’ in my home town of Taree. The house was a disaster, the backyard was worse. It was a jungle and I loved it! I would spend hours exploring the yard and was enchanted by the exotic looking flowers and leaves hidden in the jungle. I would arrange flowers on a little bench near our old timber shed, and my cat Blossom would keep me company. The bunches would be given to anyone I would see, my parents, grandparents, neighbours, school teachers, postman, and little dog from next door, yep, really! I realise now that maybe they weren’t entirely sincere in their joy when I gave them a bunch of odd flowers, weeds and leaves with a strange smell, but I loved giving them all the same.

I grew up and left town. I got a real job, a few of them actually, but none that had me jumping out of the bed in the morning, excited to get to work. There’s no escaping it! There really is no place like home. My husband Jose and I moved back home to Taree, had four beautiful babies (not all at the same time, thank goodness!) and as I thought about going back to work, it seemed like to perfect time to make a little girls dream come true. Flora Adora Studio was born!

Fast forward thirty years and I still love playing with flowers. 

Playing with flowers since 1988
Our most recent family photos taken at one of my favourite local flower farms, Blooms with a view.