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Caity and Sam

As we drove in convoy, through the winding corridor of magnificent Gums, towards the entrance to Mansfield Estate, with oodles of premium flowers on board, I knew we were about to experience something truly special and unique.

On approach, I was reminded that the estate is 100% off-grid, and happily admired the collection of newly planted trees in the distance, one for each couple married at Mansfield. 

We were greeted by the wonderfully super-helpful Helen of Mansfield, whilst the Mother of the Bride called down to us ‘Hello flower people!’, like Juliet from upon her balcony, and as the ceremony time approached, we got to work! It was almost as if we were being carried as we created the floral installation on the lawn, and met a flurry vendors floating rapidly around, all excelling in their own area of expertise.

The bouquets, carefully wrapped, were carried in their white boxes to the bridal suite, where the absolutely gorgeous bride and her stunning girl tribe were getting ready. They were chilled. So relaxed. And, they loved their flowers! It was like a dream.

Being immersed in the beautiful environment and captivating panoramic views at Mansfield Estate, it’s almost impossible to feel anything but calm, serene, relaxed and ready to dance the night away under the festoon lighting.

The floral designs for Caity and Sam’s day, were curated to encapsulate a modern, yet classic luxe vibe, to create an abundant, dramatic and opulent floral story. Premium roses, orchids, hydrangea, chalked palms, chrysanthemums en masse, dried textual elements and moody foliage, were married together and crafted into Santorini-inspired urns. Botanically hand-dyed 100% silk ribbons used as a finishing detail, created a sense of movement and romance.  

Thank you Erin from Hello Coco Studio for capturing the day so perfectly.

Secret Swan Wedding

‘It looks fake but it’s not fake’ was the email that caught my attention while I was sitting in my driveway casually scrolling through my emails. It was an email that followed a new wedding enquiry, and it had me at ‘it’s not fake’.

The enquiry wasn’t sent by the bride, the groom, the mother-of-the-bride or wedding planner, it was sent by Rebecca Swan, close friend and bridesmaid of the anonymous bride-to-be. The engaged couple had to postpone their engagement party due to Covid-19, but found that this unfortunate occurrence left them holding an incredible opportunity in the palms of their hands.

They got to work planning their ‘engagement party’ at Manning Point on the Mid North Coast of NSW, which was orchestrated to perfection. None of the wedding vendors had any idea who the mystery couple were right up until the morning of the wedding on May 8th, 2021.

For over a year, all I knew was that the colour palette was white, peach and lilac, the pieces to be designed and that I had to deliver to Old Bar, the morning on Saturday, May 8th. My mind was racing like Cathy Freeman at the 2000 Olympic Games. Who could the mystery couple be? Why the anonymity? Was the bride Turia Pitt? She had been spending time at Old Bar ‘training’ lately, maybe it was all a guise to keep the Australian Women’s Weekly photographers from flying drones over the celebrations to snap sneaky shots? Or was it Jane Doe?

I knew what I had to do. Exactly what I always do. Gather the freshest floral ingredients, beautiful silk ribbons, put Bossa Nova Covers on Spotify and use all my creative inspiration to handcraft beautiful designs in the studio (which happened to be particularly ambient in the autumn light).

I was thrilled to deliver flowers to Cara and Sam in Old Bar on the morning of their surprise wedding, and, while was wonderful to have a little secret to keep, it’s even better to be able to share these stunning photos of their day, captured Danni Harrison, with you.